What’s Google AdSense and How does it Work?

How To Increase Your Google AdSense CPC

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Newbies and non-bloggers will always ask; What’s Google AdSense and How does it Work?

Let me answer the above question in the simplest way:

Google Adsense is an ad network or a program provided by Google to enable website owners to earn for their online content.

When you have Google AdSense linked to your website, you will earn when products that are advertised on Google appear on your website and visitors clicks on those ads. Google simply marches your content with ads that are similar to it. This simply means that if you blog about Scholarships, Google will advertise scholarship ads on your website.

With Google, you are either a publisher or an advertiser.

If you are an advertiser, you simply pay Google to advertise your products on the websites of those who are Google publishers.

If you are a Google publisher, you simply create content and get paid by Google when they advertise the product of an advertiser on your website, and that’s if those who visit your website click on those ads.

This also means that the more traffic you get to your website the more money you make. This is the point where many new bloggers get frustrated and defeated.

Let’s illustrate this in a more comprehensive format:

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Arma is: Google
Benjamin is: Advertiser
All of you are: Bloggers

Benjamin (advertiser) wants to advertise his Real Estate business so he designs a banner for it and pays Armstrong (Google) to advertise it for him.

Arma (Google) accepts Benjamin’s money and banner, spreads the Real Estate business banner to the websites of all of you (bloggers) who write about Real Estate business, and as people click on the banner on your websites to see, you earn a certain percentage of the money Benjamin paid Arma.

More comprehensive now? I guess so.

Alright guys, now you got what Google AdSense is all about and how it works.

Understand that AdSense is not the only means of monetizing a website but it’s the most popular.

To get this AdSense you first need a website. It’s however very unfortunate that cybercriminals in Nigeria have made every foreign company toughen up their policies on Nigerians.

Getting approved by Google AdSense now as a Nigerian is as hard as making a fake prophet’s prophetic food to accept the truth about her papa.

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So, I usually advise my mentees to buy already approved and verified AdSense accounts from other bloggers who want to sell instead of getting frustrated because of Google’s approval rigors.

It’s usually sold between 100k to 250k. If you don’t have the money you can simply keep applying and hopefully, luck will smile on you.

So, simply put:
The first thing you need as an aspiring blogger is a website. The second thing is Google AdSense.

Below is a very unpopular truth about blogging:

– you must not be a writer to become a blogger.

-The amount of money you make in blogging is not dependent on the number of content you create.

Simple Advanced Blogging Tips on How to Grow Your Adsense CPC

This is a tip of what I teach in my advanced blogging class: Take this post seriously; It’s simple but very important to your blogging career.

Millions of bloggers get tens of thousands of page views on their websites every day but hardly make any reasonable money.

I have seen bloggers who get up to 20k visitors daily but make less than $100. That’s very discouraging.

On the screenshots below you will see something quite different. Something every blogger would wish for.

On the first screenshot, I got over 15k page views and made over $1,000 and it got better on the second screenshot: 1,700 page views, $120 made.

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These results are very terrific and it’s possible for me because of my high Cost Per Click (CPC).

So, as a blogger, having a high CPC should be more important to you than having hundreds of thousands of visitors.

Because if you get 50k daily pageviews and make $200 and I get 15k daily page views and make $1,000, I’m better than you.

So, how do you get a high CPC?

Some people would tell you to target tier one countries like the USA, Canada, UK, etc. but 99% of my traffic comes from Nigeria.

Shocking, right? Lol.

Below are four simple and important things:

1. The loading speed of your website and the quality of your SSL. Surprising, right? Get it!

2. Your niche. You can’t be blogging about BBN that can be found on every social media and hope for a high CPC.

3. The design of your website and the quality of your content. This helps your RPM and RPM helps CPC to grow.

4. Don’t let comments on your post exceed five per page. In simple tone: make only 5 comments or less, visible under your post per page.

The above tips are part of three sets of advanced tips that I charge handsomely to teach. Hold it dearly.

Final advice: there’s money in smart blogging but it’s not meant for everyone.

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